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By Joan Wanjiku | 13 Jul 2022
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School admissions made easier with Jiunge

If you were once a student, we can agree that the processes we went through to apply to institutions of learning were deeply rooted in the mid-20th century.

I remember visiting several institutions, filling out numerous application forms, and physically returning them to the institution. Some institutions were hundreds of kilometers away! Kids these days don’t even have to leave the comfort of their bed.

We also had to periodically visit the institutions to verify the status of our submission letters. The admissions team had to review records, verify qualifications, list students, and update them with their application status on the administrative front. Tiresome and time-consuming, right?

The COVID-19 pandemic changed the world’s economies and also stifled the education industry. The effects have been revolutionary, as educators expect technological solutions to support education and learning in general.

With the pandemic under control and schools and colleges gradually resuming, we have all been pushed to accept the digital educational transformation.

Although some educational institutions have used technological solutions for years, the importance of digital transformation in the education environment has now been realized in most schools and universities across Kenya.

The chalkboards have been replaced by digital whiteboards; the overhead screens with interactive front-of-class showings, and the bulky books with digital tablet versions.

Moreover, digital transformation in schools is not limited to online education and learning only.

There is need to move away from the old unconventional ways of college or university admissions and improve the experience for both the students and the people working in admissions offices.

I’m talking about students searching, applying to schools, registrars approving the applications, and finally allowing the students to download their admission letters on one platform.

A new age enrollment process that is accessible online to all – parents, students, teachers, and administrative offices. is helping institutions and students connect directly, without the excessive paperwork and long, tiresome trips from one institution to another.

With, students don’t have to wait in queues or wait for months to know the status of their multiple applications.

It is more than an online application platform, after finishing secondary school, many students in Kenya don’t know what course to pursue in college/university/polytechnic.

Jiunge provides a comprehensive profile and validated test focusing on interests, personality, and thinking style that assists a student to choose and pursue an appropriate career path.

Any student in Kenya is able to access the platform through the mobile app or web app from wherever they are.

Since the inception of, 19793 students have used the platform to apply or book for hostels.

Jiunge partners with Kenya's finest Institutions of learning and accommodation providers to help connect students with the right institutions and the right academic programmes for their careers as they learn, live & grow.

Are you a student? Leave us a comment below and let us know which school you are from or what school you are thinking of joining. For any inquiries, please reach out to our support team on 0717 421 111.

Jiunge, Learn. Live & Grow.

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