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By Joan Wanjiku | 27 Jan 2022
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Using  technlogy in our schools in preparation for the futur

“Technology is a catalyst that should be used boldly and actively”.

Technology is perhaps the strongest factor shaping the educational landscape today. In this era students are prone to using technology, and tools such as laptops, smartphones, and tablets are already second nature to them. Taking technology out of the learning equation would be removing an integral part of the students’ abilities.

If a student isn’t tech-savvy, then as a guardian, parent or their teacher it is imperative that you bring him/her to date with some of the latest technology. Understanding technology is becoming more and more important in the workplace and other areas; competing with peers in the 21st-century simply necessitates the need for technological finesse.

As much as technology has evolved especially in workplaces. Yet somehow the classroom is still a century behind.

There is need to have a balance between teaching and technology. In cases where schools have not embraced technology, then the need to adopt Education Technology should be there so as to prepare students for the hyper-connected digital era.

When Covid 19 struck, schools all over the world closed and for a good number of students that was it for them- they stopped learning, well, until schools reopened. If schools had put in systems that would have allowed students to continue learning then this would not have happened.

In a normal classroom in a government school, one classroom holds up to 60 students. Once the class size passes a certain point, the teachers are bound to 'fail' because the demands on their time cannot be met. In essence, the root of this problem is not the number of children in a classroom but rather the inability for each child to receive adequate attention.

But these can be solved with combining face to face learning and online learning.  What do I mean, In a class of maybe 60 students, you can divide them into three groups, maybe have the first group have online lessons, the second group to have face to face classes and the third group to work in a group. Then in the next lesson have the students rotate. This will ensure that every student gets to work closely with the teacher and gets the attention they need.

Have you ever gone to a tailor to treat you when you were sick? The answer is no. And we all know the reason why… same reason you don’t expect a teacher who is not tech-savvy to teach your child how to be tech-savvy. It doesn’t work that way. Let’s not be ignorant of the fact that just because someone is in college they have been lucky enough to use technology before or they have been enlightened on the new technologies.

Parents have a role to play in all these. When most children are given access to smartphones, tablets they enter an entertainment mode rather than a study mode. Let’s monitor our children’s activities. Music, movies, games…. Are they bad? No, but above all these we can use these gadgets for more meaningful work.

Games -- or any other form of entertainment -- with a technological element can be so much more immersive, responsive, and effective, which therefore make it so much more valuable as a learning aid.

It's time for educators to adopt some of these innovations. Not for the sole purpose of improving grades or cutting costs, but to offer our children a more fulfilling educational experience.

And, perhaps more importantly, to empower teachers to more effectively help struggling children while introducing innovation back into the classroom.

And what best way to start this, than to start by helping students apply to institutions of learning all online on

We are fully digitizing the process of students applying to institutions or booking for hostels in the country.


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