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Magharibi Place

Magharibi Place, Mai Mahiu Road, Nairobi West Area, Nairobi.

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Rooms starts from
KES 17,500 / Month

Additional Hostel Information

About Magharibi Place

  • Enjoy modern harmonious living in the serene and secure environment studio at Magharibi place within the Nairobi West Suburb. The apartment was designed with the student in mind and boasts spacious rooms, fully equipped communal kitchens, contemporary bathrooms and cleaning services.
  • Magharibi place is the right combination of the coziness of a community and meaningfulness of a social business community.
  • It's close proximity to the CBD and the airport makes it easily accessible for both new tenants and old hostel tenants making it the ultimate destination for both outsiders and students to live in.
Please Note

1. Rent is inclusive of water utility.
2. After Booking your room(DO NOT PAY FIRST), kindly visit the Magharibi Place premises for a tour and a review of your offer letter. Once you are satisfied with the offer, you can make the payment. 
3. Maximum capacity per room is 2. Tenants can share if they so wish.

Available Facilities/Amenities
  • Free WiFi
  • Parking
  • Water
  • Electricity
  • Power Backup Generator
  • Water Reservoir Tank
  • CCTV Camera
  • Storage Room
  • Kitchen
  • Elevator


Main Campus - Magharibi Place
Mai Mahiu Rd Nairobi City Kenya


Mai Mahiu Rd Nairobi City Kenya

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House Rules


1. Utility

All tenants will use the premises for residential purposes for two adults only in line with your offer letter and lease agreement and are expected to comply with all the relevant laws, ordinances, safety and health regulations. We limit visitors to 3 per apartment at a time except with prior permission, primarily due to noise disturbance. We also discourage having children below 10yrs on the premises due to the danger of heights and railings, and due to noise disturbance.

2. Interior Design

All tenants are required to obtain management approval for any interior design plans that will interfere with the structure or façade of the apartment. Note that designs for door and window film or grills are prescribed. Kindly email or drop your plans at our offices and we will respond within 5 days. We are also available to assist with your design and installation requirements. Curtains visible from exterior must have a white or cream lining – or the door or window should be obscured by film in the prescribed design.

3. Signage

All units are numbered. No further signage is permitted on the external walls, doors or windows.

4. Electricity

All units have their own check meter for electricity. These will be read each month and you will be invoiced for your usage. Payments should be made within 7 days of invoicing using utility MPESA Paybill no. 822012, direct debit or cheque – in all cases clearly identifying your apartment number. You will be issued with a receipt. Failure to pay within this time will result in your power being disconnected. The sockets in the units are of 13 amps each – kindly do not overload them. We may be able to accommodate requests for additional power points at your cost. The generator covers lighting of the lifts only.

5. Water

All units have water provision which is paid for from the service charge accounts. Water usage is monitored and you are asked to use it conservatively. Excessive use will result in you being billed for your usage.

6. Gas

Gas is permitted for domestic cooking only. This should be a maximum of one 6kg cylinder. All tenants using gas should seek the consent of management and must take extra caution when dealing with gas. The management reserves the right to forcibly enter a premise where there is suspected gas leakage.

7. DSTV and local channels

All units have access to the hotel package of DSTV (10 channels) and local channels. However, the service is complimentary (not included in service charge payments) from Magharibi Suites Management who dictate the channel choice and have no obligations on the service.

8. Internet

All units have access to the free WIFI facility which is provided as a complimentary service at the landlords cost i.e., it is not part of the services paid for under service charge. Please obtain the appropriate password for your unit from the management office. The internet should be used for minimal domestic use only such as emailing, Facebook, chatting, online shopping, office or school assignments etc. Tenants should not use the WIFI to download movies, games or other activities that take up a lot of the available bandwidth.

9. Telephone

It is the tenant’s responsibility to make their own telephone provision.

10. Parking

Tenants will be issued with 1 parking sticker for one car. However, the landlord has no obligation to provide parking. The 70 basement parking spaces are unallocated, secured on a first come first served basis and free of charge for all tenants. Charges may be introduced in the future. Note that the street parking on Deep West Rd though constructed by the Landlord, belongs to Nairobi City County.

11. Security

The landlord endeavors to provide adequate security for the building, however tenants should provide security for their own units. All tenants will be issued with 2 keys for their units. Tenants are at liberty to change their door locks at their own cost. However, the installed locks must resemble those that are removed i.e., be brass and have a similar handle. And the removed lock should be retained together with the keys, and re-installed at the tenants cost at the end of the tenancy period.

All tenants will be issued with a security ID and will be required to show this to gain entrance to the building. They should also show the ID on request by security personnel. Tenants visitors should come through the Mai Mahiu entrance and will be required to cooperate with searches, leave identification and sign the security ledger. In addition, Tenants must comply with security requirements such as vehicle searches and be vigilant and report any suspicious persons or activity on the premises at any time. The premises has CCTV surveillance, security guards are on duty night and day and there is an alarm back up system.

12. Large items leaving the premises

Tenants wishing to use others to assist them in vacating or moving large conspicuous items from their apartments in their absence, should inform the management office and obtain clearance to be provided to the security guards. Failure to do this may result in denial of items leaving or holding of the persons and items until you come to provide authority for the items to leave.

13. House Help

Tenants with house helps are required to provide the management office with a copy of the house helps national ID and their hours of work. Failure to comply with this requirement will result in house helps being denied entry to the premises.

14. Fire risk and Insurance

All tenants are required to comply with any special instructions on fire from the management office, including participating in periodic fire drills and to be cautious not to do anything or keep anything in or about the premises that in any way will increase the risk of fire or that may conflict with fire or insurance regulations for the building. Contact the management office if you require help in understanding how to use the fire blanket provided in your room. Use of naked candles is strictly prohibited. All tenants who wish to use gas must seek our prior consent. Tenants are responsible for insuring the contents in their units.

15. Cleaning and Garbage Collection

All tenants are required to keep their premises clean especially so as to avoid the intrusion of vermin. You are required to report any cockroaches, rats, termites or other vermin immediately to the management office. Large garbage bins are provided on every floor for tenants to use and will be emptied once a day. Cleaning of common areas is done by a professional cleaning firm.

16. Laundry

No laundry should be hung in such a way as to be visible from the outside of the unit. The management office can assist you with information on the types and costs of indoor hanging racks available in the market. Hanging lines are provided on the rooftop, and should be accessed via the stairs between Block B and Block C – not via the lifts.

17. Pets

No pets are allowed on the premises.

18. Obstruction

All tenants must ensure they do not obstruct entrances, public areas, hallways or other corridors, stairs, exits, elevators, lobbies, driveways, parking areas, or fire escapes. No furnishings may be put on passages or corridors without prior consent of the management, even for limited times.

19. Smoking

Smoking is not permitted at any time in the units, entrances, cloakrooms and basement. The designated smoking area is outside Block C. Kindly enquire from the management office incase of doubt. The penalty for smoking is KSHS. 1000 to be paid within 5 days of being caught.

20. Alcohol

Consumption of alcohol is permitted in the privacy of your apartment ONLY. Consumption in all the commercial units or common areas including the food court is strictly forbidden.

21. Lethal weapons

Possessing, using or storing lethal weapons anywhere in the building is prohibited. “Lethal weapon” is defined as any deadly weapon which, from the manner used is capable or likely to produce death or serious bodily injury. This includes, but is not limited to: all firearms, hunting knives, switchblades, bows and arrows and machetes. The penalty for possession of lethal weapons is immediate termination of your lease.

22. Harmonious co-existence

All tenants will be required to be mindful of others and to observe an ethical code of conduct. Undue noise and littering are strictly forbidden. Any maintenance requirements should be brought to our attention immediately.

23. Movement between apartments

Note that the procedure for tenants wishing to move from their leased premises to another vacant apartment within Magharibi Place is the same as for those vacating and new tenants coming in. You will therefore be required to make the initial payments required for the new premises including the necessary security deposit together with a discounted lease administration fee of 2,000 plus VAT. Your old security deposit will be refunded in the usual way after deduction of painting and any repair costs for the apartment from which you are vacating.

24. Rent and Service Charge

As outlined in your lease agreement rent and service charge payments are due monthly in advance on the 1st day of the month. Bankers cheques should be made payable to REALTY PLUS LIMITED and brought to our office. Other payment modes include MPESA Paybill no. 823560 or direct debit. In each case please indicate clearly your apartment number and the month for which you are paying, and send the deposit slips in hard copy or email to . You will be issued with receipts for both payments from our office.


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